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The Loveliest Girl in the World goes to Sarajevo Winter -festival

The Loveliest Girl in the World -photoexhibition opens on 13th March 2007 in Sarajevo Winter 2007 -artsfestival in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The exhibition includes a selection of 42 photographs from the project. The exhibition is produced by Gallery Krista Mikkola.

XXIII International Sarajevo Winter Festival -artsfestival is arranged by International Peace Center Sarajevo (IPC), International Societies for Performing Arts (ISPA), European Festival Association (EFA) and Association of the Biennial of Young Artist of Europe and Mediterranean (BJCEM) for the twenty-third time. As the symbol for peace, rebuilding and creativity, the festival that was born after the war  has gathered  together over three million visitors and 23 000 artists throughout its  history. UNESCO, The European Commission, the Ministry Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the City and the Province of Sarajevo are supporting the festival.

XXIII International Sarajevo Winter 2007 -taidefestivaalit

IPC Gallerian projekteja

The Loveliest Girl in the World was exhibited for the first time in Annantalo Art Centre, Helsinki, in the autumn of 2003. Since then it has toured as well as with the whole series also in a smaller composition. The exhibitions in Annantalo, in Jyväskylä City Art Museum (2005) and in Arx Art Center in Hämeenlinna (2006) were built as bodies of art where the public can ponder its relationship with the photograph, image of the self and the quality of being seen. Alongside with the photographic exhibitions there were public talks and workshops held in co-operation with local schools and the Universities. All the exhibitions deeply touched the public, received a lot of sentimental feedback, and boosted the usual number of visitors.

The series is still being exhibited around Finland and abroad, and the personal messages they convey have moved the extraordinarily large audiences.

Outside Finland part of the exhibition series has been seen in the 12th Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in Naples and in Barcelona in Eurocult21, both in 2005. The strong social concience of the project, that is believed to be characteristic to the art of the northern welfare state, has attracted attention from the exhibition audience.